745 sticky is a song from 100 gecs on there debut album, it is listed the first song on the album 1000 gecs.


The meaning of 745 sticky is about how do nothing in life and just waste money and time all day.


[Chorus: Laura Les]

I make my money on my own, yeah

Wakin' up five in the morning, yeah

Throwin' money in the oven, yeah

Fuck sleep and his cousin, yeah

I've been on a roll, yeah

I spend my money like it's stolen, yeah

Shit, I'm already broke and it's only 7:45 in the morning, yeah

[Post-Chorus: Dylan Brady]

Goddamn, what the fuck?

Feel like I'm not good enough

Get off of me, I swear I'll do it all

Do it all, do it all

I can swear I can do it all

Do it all, do it all

I can swear I can do it all

[Verse 1: Laura Les]

I'm done trying, new plan

Do what I want, don't hold my hand

I can do anything I want, first try

You take like ten tries, hurtin' my eyes

(Oh my god)

[Verse 2: Dylan Brady]

Batshit, got a check and I spent it

Money got me feelin' like a dentist

I can do anything I put my mind to

You can't do anything even if you wanted to (Yeah)

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